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Papyrus OFFICE 11.23

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    Windows NT

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    January 05, 2021

  • "Portable office suite with full word processor"

If you need an office suite that you can transport on a pendrive Papyrus OFFICE becomes the ideal program for you, since both its word processor and the rest of the modules that it integrates can be used without a previous installation. A relational database and a spreadsheet must be added to the text editing tool, as well as a search engine to quickly find any document.

All this makes Papyrus OFFICE one of the most versatile office suites by offering you the possibility to perform several tasks without having to install the program on your PC. The modules are transported in your preferred external memory to have them always at hand making use of them in the computers you want to create text documents, access information from the database, perform calculations on the sheet enabled for that purpose and find content with the search engine.

The various documents handled by Papyrus OFFICE can be automatically indexed, allowing you to search for words in them phonetically even though you don't know the spelling of those terms.